Energy Storage Systems

The electric power industry suffers from at least one fundamental problem: without cost effective storage, electricity supply must instantaneously match demand.The result is a costly and over-utilized electricity grid. What if we could buffer demand spikes using storage and meet growing needs with the infrastructure we already have, mitigating the need for costly upgrades while decreasing environmental impact.
EGG (Energy for Global Growth) will design develop, manufacture, market and sell it’s  flagship products.
EGG mini consumer level, solar powered, portable battery system.
EGG residential size “all-in-one” Energy Storage System
EGG+ commercial size, modular Energy Storage System
Energy Pod utility size, emergency Energy Storage System 




EGG mini

The EGG mini is a consumer-level, solar-powered, portable battery pack. It is a light-weight, portable multi-utility system with 120 VAC ports as well as numerous DC and USB ports, complete with a solar hanging panel for the consumer on the go, Bluetooth speaker and will seek to be powered and controlled through a mobile application.
We feel it is the perfect synergy between “technology” and “off the grid” for the camper, traveler, hiker, and fisherman.


There is no “one size fits all” storage policy for each state or each commercial customer. This has led NERS Inc. to develop our stackable EGG+, a commercial size, energy storage system that is scale-able from 2.2 kWh - 150 kWh depending on the needs on the end-user. The EGG+ energy storage system will be an integrated power system including a high efficiency lithium-ion battery packs and power modules. As a modular energy storage unit, it allows to retro-fit and customize its specifications to the needs of the consumer, many times being a standalone building, multi-family residential building, or large commercial office space.


EGG is a proprietary system designed to charge itself at off peak times when loads on the electrical grid ,as well as prices, are lessened and store it for later use, specifically when electricity demand and price is at a peak high. This is aimed at improving energy efficiency and stabilizing operations of the electricity grid. EGG has a high-efficiency lithium-ion battery pack with 8.6 kWh capacity. By connecting the EGG directly into a homes’ distribution panel, we are able to empower the consumer to control and lower their present dependency on traditional grid energy sources at lower costs.

Energy POD

Energy pod is a stand-alone, self-powered system. Energy Pod combines solar energy production with integrated energy storage system. The system is a fully autonomous, removing the need for fuel and grid connections, providing zero carbon footprint. The smart monitoring system provides remote control as well as monitoring of the process during operation time.
Energy Pod is a portable micro grid system housed in a new generation, ultra-light, composite container, capable of being transported via trucks, trains, ships and planes. The Energy Pod units were designed to be portable, easy to assemble and do not require any professional construction work to prepare for operation.